Thank you  for submiting your Certificate Application Form

Please Note
Statement of results may take up to 90 business working days.

Certificate of Competency may take longer than 90 business working days.

Statement of results/certificate of competency are only issued by seta’s not by the college.
Genius Business College will only issue a certificate of Attendance or certificate of completion.

Certification Process 

Step 1 : Student Submits there POE

Step 2: POE get’s Assessed by a registered Assessor

Step 3: POE get’s Moderated by a registered Moderator

Step 4: College requests for verification

Step 5: Statement of results/certificate of competence is issued.

Causes of Delays in Certificates 

  • Student didn’t complete there work
  • Student has been declared incompetent by Assessor/moderator
  • student has been declared incompetent by seta verifier
  • Verifier has not yet been alocated (Please note that seta’s deal with alot of colleges, so sometimes they might be a backlog from the seta which might cause a delay in the verification process)
  • student delays to submit there POE (Genius Business College submits POE’s once in a month for verfication)

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